Saturday, June 6, 2009

Relationship Horoscope March 1998

My name is Andrea Mallis and I'm a professional astrologer practicing in Berkeley, California and the creatrix of Virgo in Service at Your Service Astrological Consulting. Welcome to my monthly astrological column that has a specific relationship focus, since one of my specialities is relationship astrology. I do hope that you enjoy reading this column and that you find the information useful and insightful. If you know your rising sign, please read that too. Aries New Moon in your energetic sign on the 27th, encourages you to open your heart, and uncover exciting possibilities. Expect beneficial financial and social opportunities to come your way this month. Mars enters Aries on the 4th, enjoying a spirited stay in its home turf. Try not to rush things and trust more. You are meeting people of a like mind, who share your innermost goals and aspirations. Taurus Pluto retrograding on the 8th, signals caution in love relationships, and the reevaluation of current relationships. The Lunar Eclipse on the 12th may test your love affairs, your rapport with children and your progress in a creative endeavor. Listen to your evident needs. Although you love to ìhave and to holdî, put forth effort to be less possessive in your relationships. Gemini You are very outer directed this month and may tend to ignore home and family issues. However, the Lunar Eclipse on the 12th, will bring flaws in family relationships to the forefront to be dealt with ASAP. Your inquisitive ruler Mercury, retrogrades on the 27th. You may be tempted to reverse your opinion about your personal goals and desires. Expect to change your mind about what you thought you really needed. Cancer You may be doing a lot more traveling than your usual homebody self this month. By the 18th, with Venus, the planet of love, and Uranus the planet of rebellion, in your 8th house of sensuality, you are in the mood to be experimental romantically. Always in tune with the moon, The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your 3rd house, brings original people to your door to meet and socialize with. Your personality gets redefined as you clarify current values. Leo Always extravagant minded, you have powerful desires to merge on all levels with your mate this month. Venus enters your 7th house of relationship on the 6th, joining Neptune, the planet of idealism for a sacred dance of fantasy and illusion, making you more susceptible than ever. Your financial judgment may be over idealistic as well, so be mindful of overspending. Virgo The Lunar Eclipse on the 12th, in your practical sign, reminds you to be of service, not sacrifice. A noble idea, indeed. Revamping diet and health routines are top priority as well. Apply the idea of purity to your emotional life and clear away disorder and uneasiness. Use the strong feelings emerging from this eclipse to reach out to off-beat people and form initial connections. The planetary emphasis on your 7th house of partnerships and marriage hints that you can reach the greatest success by cooperating with others. Libra There is lots of activity in your 5th and 7th houses of love affairs and relationships, respectively, this month. There are opportunities for both casual and serious romances. Feel free to choose what best suits your needs at this time. If some turmoil erupts, try and deal with it immediately. Trying to make nice and sweep things under the rug may do more harm than good. Scorpio Avoid power struggles this month and undue self-assertiveness as Pluto, your ruling planet, begins to go retrograde on the 10th. Diplomacy and cooperation can go along way. With Venus transiting thorough your 4th house of home and family, now is a excellent time to smooth over ruffled feathers and patch up hurt feelings. Donít let old blocks, fears or anxiety get in the way of profound healing and transformation. Sagittarius Your willingness to take more risks pays off for you big time. You may find yourself connecting with some strange yet fascinating people. Proceed cautiously in love and social matters after Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th. Home, family and community are at the top of your list. Let your inner child emerge and be spontaneous and playful. The Full Moon focuses attention on reputation and career interests. Donít let personal matters interfere with business concerns. Capricorn If you are in the market for love this month, remember that friends can be an excellent source for meeting new romantic partners. With the Lunar Eclipse in your 9th house, you may feel a need to connect on an intellectual, philosophical and spiritual level with that special someone. Be pragmatic and seek truth and honesty from prospective mates. Aquarius You may find yourself pulled in two different directions this month. Part of you feels independent and quite content to go it alone if needed to. Yet, another hard to understand pull may be towards working through some intimacy issues so you can get to a deeper place with your partner. Venus moves back into your unconventional sign on the 4th, giving you increased personal POW, grace and charm. Pisces Pallas Athena, asteroid of wisdom, imparts a unique combination of warrior woman blended with compassion, as she passes into Pisces. Thinking of adopting any stray dogs this month, can also apply to the human variety. The Lunar Eclipse falls right smack in the middle of your partnership house, so expect to be inching closer to that elusive goal of true love. Open yourself to new options and possibilities within existing relationships. With Jupiter, the planet of abundance, in your sign, you can expect to draw people and resources to you who are perfect for you. Your self worth increases and you can really light up a room with your increased charisma.

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